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Balance Updates


Airblast: Increase push strength by 70%

AirBurst: Increased push strength by 130%

AirBlade: Decreased cooldown to 1.5 seconds

AirSwipe: Increased damage by 3hp, increased cooldown by 1.5 s

SonicBlast: Increased damage by 2 hp

Meditate: Decreased cooldown to 35 seconds


Firepunch: Cooldown to 0.5 s, increased damage by 2hp and increased fireticks by 2 seconds

Lightning: Increased cooldown by 2 seconds

Firejet: Increased cooldown by 7 seconds

WallofFire: Increased damage by 2hp and fireticks by 2 seconds

FireWheel: Increased damage by 4 hp

FireSpin: Increased damage by 4 hp

Discharge: Increased cooldown by 1 second

Combustion: Increased cooldown by 10 seconds

FireBreath: Increased fire duration by 2 seconds

FireBlast: Increased cooldown by 0.5 seconds


WaterArms: Decreased damage by 2hp

IceWall: Decreased lifetime by 3 seconds

IceClaws: Removed charge time and increased cooldown by 0.5 seconds

WaterGimbal: Increased damage (per shot) by 3 hp