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I introduce to you the new BvB World to Elimentus called,

Battle Realm.

Battle Realm

To get in and out use the command /battle. Alternatively, using the command /bvb, will also send you to this world! Additionally, a new teleport option has been added to /warp that teleports you to the Battle Realm as well. As of now 1v1 is the only gamemode in this version. Features such as Teamplay and Free-For-All maybe be added depending on how things go. Once in this world your inventories will be saved and cleared out and will be restored when you exit.

WARNING: Glitches may occur as this is the first release of this feature. I encourage you to empty your inventories before entering this world in case of an inventory clear glitch, in which case will NOT be restored!

Special Thanks to, DeMonstaMan, MrHobo, x_lxzzi, and everyone else who has contributed to creating this amazing world!

Note: No rewards or punishments will be given to the competitors as a result of every game.

More Arenas will be created in the future. I can't wait to see where this goes!