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BvB Update

using /bvb you can now fight with all players regardless of their level. However, this is not the only thing that was changed.

Gaining Xp with BvBs

- Winning a BvB will reward you 10 Xp for what ever element you have fought with regardless of the level

Loosing Xp from BvBs

- Loosing a BvB will deduct Xp from the element you have fought with and is calculated with this formula 10(x-1), where x is your level, 1-6 (titan)

Gaining Xp by killing Mobs

- Xp earned from Mobs have been reduced 5 times, meaning it would take about 5 mobs to gain 1 Xp.

BvB penalty:

- Using an Alternate account to farm in the Battle Realm is strictly prohibited. Violation of this Rule will result in long term or permanent Bending removal.